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Penny Akester (London)
Workshops: I teach beginners braiding and knotted jewellery for groups or individuals - including Kumihimo and others, as well as a range of other jewellery making and beadwork classes.
Shirley Berlin (Devon)
Talks, day schools and longer workshops:
Kumihimo; inkle ikat; tablet weaving; simple cords and braids.
Lecture: “That’s nice dear, but what do you do with it?”
Anneliese Bläse (Germany)
Lessons by internet, German or English: Weaving Warp Faced Rep Bands.
Part 1: Simple Bands (Tapes)
Part 2: Traditional Pick-up-designs of Europe's North
Joy Boutrup (Denmark)
Workshops: 1) Introduction to loop braiding, basic principles of European and Japanese loop braiding. 2) Letter braids, introduction to historical instructions for letter braids. (General knowledge of loop braiding necessary.)
Jacqui Carey (Devon)
Workshops and Lectures: For all levels, covering many aspects of narrow wares (technical, historical, cultural, creative, mathematical etc.).
Europa Chang Dawson (Bristol)
Lecture: Silk in the domestic context in China. Workshop: Chinese Knots.
Ingrid Crickmore (USA)
Workshops, private classes, and website tutorials on loop braiding. Beginning to advanced, adults or children. Medieval, 17th Century and original braid patterns. Making multiple-worker braids as a solo braider, including the 17th Century lettered braids. Methods for making extra-long loop braids.
Anna Crutchley (Cambridge)
Talks and Workshops: Passementerie - cords, tassels, braids and fringes for interior decoration. A variety of courses, including weaving, cord spinning and tassel making.
Anne Dixon (Norfolk)
Talks and Workshops: Inkles, table weaving, Dorset buttons and 4-shaft weaving. Lectures, demonstrations and workshops.
Gilian Dye(Newcastle upon Tyne)
Workshops: Beginners fill gap and other card looms, finger looping. 16th Century bobbin lace braids.
Anne Dyer(Shropshire)
Workshops: Snagging methods in weft face and tablet. New approaches to tassels.
Louise French (USA)
Classes in weaving and ply-split braiding for beginner to advanced weavers.
Edna Gibson
Workshops: Kumihimo - Marudai, Karakumidai, Disc and Plate, Oblique interlacing / free end braiding.
Julie Hedges (Shrewsbury)
Lectures: Traditional and contemporary Ply-splitting; Researching Ply-splitting in N West India.
Workshops: Introduction to Ply-splitting; Developments including 3D pieces; Decorative twisted cords. Beginners and for those with experience. Ply-Split mats, hats & scarves in wool or alpaca.
Giovanna Imperia (USA)
Workshops: 1) braiding with wire (on disk, plate and traditional equipment); 2) Introduction to kumihimo 3) 3D kumihimo. 
Languages: Italian, English
Carol James (Canada)
Lectures on Fingerweaving and Sprang. Workshops, all levels, on Fingerweaving and Sprang.
Jean Leader (Glasgow)
Workshops: Assorted braids for beginners including braids on cards, lucet braids, tablet-woven braids and hand-manipulated braids.
Ruth MacGregor (France)
Workshops: Silk and Spindle (intro to silk spinning)
Old Stash to New Yarns (fun and useful)
Spinning Mawata (how to spin silk caps and hankies).
Averil Otiv(Cheshire)
Workshops: Soft basketry, baskets made with natural plant materials using braiding, plaiting and other woven techniques to produce decorative and functional baskets. Tapestry weaving.
Jennie Parry (Leicester)
Lectures and Workshops:  Kumihimo (Marudai; Takadai);  Braids & Bands; Ethnic Embellishments. All levels.
Freda Robinson(Belfast)
Lectures: Braids around the World.  Workshops:  Kumihimo; Kumihimo on a Card; Lucet; Cords and Tassels. French Knitting explored - the use of beads and fancy yarns for jewellery and trimmings.
Ziggy Rytka (West Yorkshire)
One day workshops: from beginner to advanced lucetting.
Jean and Granville Thornton(Staffordshire)
Talks: A world of Plaits and Braids; Workshops for beginners; Kumihimo; Soft Tassels; Hand made buttons.
Laverne Waddington (Bolivia)
Workshops: Complementary and supplementary warp weaving techniques, double weaves and warp substitution methods of South America and supplementary weft patterning of Guatemala. South American textile finishes and embellishments. All aspects of backstrap loom weaving.
Barbara J Walker (USA)
Ply-Splitting Workshops: Beginners - Braids, Baskets & Beyond.
Intermediate - Ply-Splitting Designs from Weaving Drawdowns.
Intermediate - Ply-Splitting Embellishment with Supplementary Cords.