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Shirley Berlin
Shirley is passionate about narrow wares, making them, writing about them, and teaching others, often in far-flung places. She and Peter make marudais and bobbins when in Canada.
Jacqui Carey
"Jacqui's biography and a gallery of her work"
Masako Kinoshita
"Masako Kinoshita specializes in the Japanese braiding techniques of Kumihimo, using a stand and bobbins, and Kute-uchi, an archaic technique that predates the stand-and-bobbin method."
Ria Luiten and
"On our home-page we have a few photo-books and many links about braiding, knots, textile, japan, old handy craft"
Janis Saunders
"This is a web site of information for narrow textiles;
it includes tablet weaving, inkle, kumihimo, ply-splitting, inkle and loop manipulation. There are links to other web sites and numerous galleries"
Makiko Tada
"Makiko researches, writes about and teaches all aspects of kumihimo."